Canterbury Historical Association (Inc.)

The Association was founded in 1922 by Dr James Hight and Miss Alice Candy, who then comprised the History Department of Canterbury University College. Although the Association went into recess during the 1940s, it was revived in 1953 by Professor Neville Phillips and W.J. Gardner, and has had a continuous existence since that time. The Association’s aim is the fostering of public interest in history and historical issues.

The Association has a cordial relationship with the Canterbury History Foundation, but unlike the Foundation is not a fund-raising organisation. It is based in the School of History at the University of Canterbury, where it holds regular meetings for the discussion of historical issues. The Association promotes historical research and writing through the J M Sherrard Award in New Zealand local and regional history.

Meetings usually consist of a talk (often illustrated) from an expert on the topic, followed by questions and informal audience discussion, then a light supper. Members of the public are welcome. Members receive individual notices of meetings with further information about speakers and topics, and a map showing the location of the venue, which is usually a lecture theatre near the School of History.

The subscription is $25.00 per year, with the Annual General Meeting held in November Contact: The Secretary Canterbury Historical Association (Inc) c- The School of History University of Canterbury Private Bag 4800 Christchurch New Zealand Telephone: (03) 364-2283.