Small Grants

Small grants towards pre-publication costs

The Canterbury History Foundation, when funds are available, may make a few small grants ($1000-$2000) each year to help meet the pre-publication costs of historical work. Pre-publication costs are here understood to mean those incurred in the later stages of preparing work for publication. These grants will therefore be made to facilitate the conclusion of work which is nearing completion and has an assurance or reasonable prospect of publication.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Grants will be made for works likely to be of interest to the people of Canterbury, but are not restricted to Canterbury history.
  2. The intended publication may be in written form, for example, as a book, pamphlet, or guidebook. It may also be in non-written form: a CD, radio or television programme, exhibition, or display and signage for a historical site.
  3. The Foundation reserves the right to make no award in any period. Intending applicants are invited to inquire about the availability of grants before making their formal application.
  4. Costs which might be supported include fees for obtaining documents, reproduction and copyright charges for photographs, the costs of editorial assistance, and indexing. Grants could also go towards subsidies to support publishing.
  5. Grants will not normally be made to members or employees of institutions which themselves support research (for example, full-time university or polytechnic staff).
  6. Applications, which should be sent to the Foundation’s Secretary at the address given below, will close on 31 March and 30 September each year They should include:
    1. A description of the project which makes clear its intended form of publication and audience, and any steps taken to secure publication. A letter of intent from a publisher or a contract entered into or under negotiation would be an advantage.
    2. A summary of incurred and projected costs which also indicates any other financial support already given, promised or being applied for.
    3. A statement of the amount applied for and the particular costs towards which the grant would be applied.
    4. The names, addresses (including email addresses) and telephone numbers of two people who are familiar with the project and can give an opinion on it. One of these may be a prospective publisher.
  7. Decisions on grants will be notified in May and November.
  8. Grants will be made on the recommendations of the Foundation’s Awards Committee. Submission of an application implies permission for the Awards Committee to make other inquiries about the project and its author.
  9. Successful applicants will be required to supply verification of how grants have been expended and to acknowledge the Foundation in their publications.

Please note condition 3
Inquiries and applications to: The Secretary, Canterbury History Foundation Inc, PO Box 36766 Christchurch, or by telephone to: 03-355 7402.