Rhodes Medal

The A. C. Rhodes History Medal was established by a generous gift from Mr Paul Rhodes and Mrs Sally Rhodes in memory of Paul’s father, Alfred Cecil (‘Ces’) Rhodes in 2001, who was a respected businessman and community leader in Upper Riccarton, Christchurch, until his death in 1970.

The purpose of the award is to honour and recognise the work of a non-academic Canterbury historian who has significantly added to our knowledge of the past or has by various means advanced and popularised the subject of History in the wider Canterbury community.

Suitable candidates are suggested to the Executive Committee by written nomination, and all nominations are carefully considered by the Awards sub-committee, usually in May each year. If no suitable candidate is nominated, the Foundation reserves the right not to make an award in that year. The medal is usually presented at the annual Gardner Lecture in July.

Recipients to date:

2019  Gordon Dennis

2018   Michael Hanrahan

2017   Margaret Harper

2016   Phyllis Johnson

2015    Kate Foster

2014    Roger Gilbert

2013    Therese Angelo

2012    Paul O’Connor

2011    Colin Amodeo

2010    Topsy Rule

2009    Murray Thacker

2008    Richard Greenaway

2007    Bernard Kingsbury

2006    Baden Norris

2005    Janet Holm

2004    Peter Maling

2003    Ron Chapman

2002    John Wilson



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Please send to The Secretary, CHF, P.O. Box 36766, Christchurch.