The Canterbury History Foundation


To encourage and support study, research, publication and interest in history, particularly in Canterbury, and to promote awareness of the social value of history in our community.


The Canterbury History Foundation was established in 1999 as a fund-raising body independent of the University of Canterbury and of the Canterbury Historical Association. One of its primary objectives is to enlarge a capital reserve to generate sufficient income each year to maintain its assistance to others. The Foundation supports the annual Jim Gardner Memorial lecture, the Rhodes History Medal, and an annual award to the Canterbury Community Historian. It also makes small grants to authors of worthwhile works of original research on topics of Canterbury history, to assist with publication, when funds are available.

Contact Address:

The Secretary, Canterbury History Foundation, PO Box 36-766, Christchurch 8146, New Zealand. Email: geoff.rice@canterbury.ac.nz

2016-2017 Executive:

  • President: Dr John Wood
  • Vice-President: Dr John Cookson
  • Secretary: Dr Geoffrey Rice, phone (03) 355 7402
  • Treasurer: Dr Bernadette Devonport


Professor John Cookson (Chair), Mr Graeme Dunstall, Dr. Chris Jones, Mrs Frieda Looser, Dr. Heather Wolffram, Professor Geoffrey Rice, Ms Jean Sharfe, Sarah Murray, Dr Bernadette Devonport, Deborah Brosnahan, Paul O’Connor. The registered office of The Canterbury History Foundation, Incorporated, is the 5rd level office, School of Humanities, University of Canterbury, phone (03) 364-2104. The Annual General Meeting is held in September each year.