Community Historian Flier



is pleased to announce the revival of its

Canterbury Community Historian Award

The award was created with support from the Canterbury Community Trust to enable a local historian to complete a significant project for publication, usually a book, but other media will be considered.

The project is expected to make a useful contribution to Canterbury history, and to draw on Canterbury archives, sources, or people. The work has to meet acceptable academic standards in research and presentation. The award is not available to university staff or thesis students.

The value of the award is $5,000 and its tenure is normally three months, ending not later than 30 June following the year of the award.

A successful applicant will be expected to reside in or within easy access of Christchurch for the duration of the award, and to base themselves at the University of Canterbury, where access to the Library will be part of the award. The Foundation also offers advice and support in conjunction with the Department of History. The Community Historian will be required to make regular progress reports to the Foundation.

Any published work resulting from the Award must acknowledge the financial support of the Canterbury Community Trust.

Application forms, along with the Terms and Conditions, are available from the Secretary, Canterbury History Foundation, P.O. Box 29-070, Christchurch.

The closing date for applications is 31 October.

 Applications will be considered by the Awards Committee during November. The Foundation reserves the right not to make an award if no suitable application is received.                                        


Sept 2013



                        Canterbury Community Historian

                            Terms and Conditions of Award



  1. This Award has been created, with financial support from the Canterbury Community Trust, to enable a competent person to complete a significant historical project for publication, which may be in other than printed form. The Award is intended to contribute towards costs incurred in the course of such work over a three-month period, or longer by arrangement.


  1. The project will be of significance, interest, or benefit to people in Canterbury, though not exclusively so. It will draw on sources, archives, people, or other assistance available in or near Christchurch.


3.   Applicants will be persons normally resident in New Zealand who can show a capability in historical research and writing.Awards will not be made to full-time university staff. Except when a topic of outstanding community interest is proposed, recent writers of theses for academic degrees will not be considered; nor will the Award normally be made to assist in the preparation of a thesis for publication.


  1. A decision will be made as soon as is practicable after applications close on 15 Octoberin each year on the recommendation of the Awards Committee of the Foundation. The Foundation reserves the right not to make an Award in any year.


  1. The successful applicant will normally be expected to reside in or within easy reach of Christchurch during the term of the Award.


  1. If requested, the School of Humanities at the University of Canterbury will provide, without charge, such assistance as it can, other than financial, to facilitate the work of the Historian.


  1. The successful applicant may request that an alternative or additional host be sought and this will be subject to negotiation by the Foundation to make suitable arrangements.


  1. The value of the Award will be $5,000to be paid in instalments to be arranged. All travel costs to and from Christchurch and any costs of removal and accommodation will be met by the Historian. Any liability for income tax or GST will be the responsibility of the recipient.


  1. The tenure of the Award will be threemonths ending not later than 30 June of 

the year following, unless otherwise agreed to by the Foundation. The period may be extended by agreement with the Foundation and the host, but the value of the Award will not be increased.



  1. The Foundation will appoint a representative to make regular progress reports    

      to the Foundation, and who will monitor progress on the project.


  1. The Historian will assist this representative to make regular progress reports 

      to the Foundation, and will provide a written report at the end of the tenure.


  1. The Historian will comply with the workplace rules of the host institution.


  1. Published work resulting from the Award should bear acknowledgement of the 

            financial generosity of the Community Trust and the assistance provided by 

            the Foundation and the host institution. The form of acknowledgement will be

            discussed with the Foundation.


  1. The Foundation will encourage the publication, in suitable form, of the

      product of this Award. The Historian will not be excluded from applying to  

      the Foundation for any of the grants it offers each year in aid of publication.








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